PUMA Library Reference Manual
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 Array.hVariable length array implementation
 BCList.hBucket list implementation
 BCStack.hBucket stack implementation
 Builder.hBasic syntax tree builder component
 CArgumentInfo.hSemantic information about a function parameter
 CAttributeInfo.hSemantic information about local/global objects and class data members
 CBaseClassInfo.hSemantic information about a base class of a class
 CC1XTree.hAspectC++ specific syntax tree classes
 CCandidateInfo.hRepresentation of a C++ overload resolution candidate
 CClassDatabase.hAlias for CSemDatabase
 CClassInfo.hSemantic information about a class
 CClassInstance.hSemantic information about an instance of a class template
 CCommentTokens.hWhite space and comment token types
 CConstant.hSemantic information for arithmetic constants
 CEnumeratorInfo.hSemantic information about an enumeration constant
 CEnumInfo.hSemantic information about an enumeration
 CExprValue.hSemantic information for constant expression values in the syntax tree
 CFctInstance.hSemantic information about an instance of a function template
 CFileInfo.hSemantic information about a source file (translation unit)
 CFunctionInfo.hSemantic information about a function
 Chain.hSimple chain implementation
 CLabelInfo.hSemantic information about a jump label
 CLanguage.hEntity name encoding
 CLinkage.hEntity name linkage
 CLocalScope.hSemantic information about a local scope in a function body
 CMemberAliasInfo.hSemantic information about a member alias
 CNamespaceInfo.hSemantic information about a namespace
 CObjectInfo.hBasic semantic information class
 Config.hConfiguration information from file or command line
 ConfOption.hConfiguration option abstraction
 ConstSizeMemPool.hConstant size memory block pool implementation
 CParser.hC parser abstraction
 CPrintVisitor.hCTree based syntax tree printing
 CProtection.hC++ class member protection
 CRecord.hSemantic information about a class or union
 CScopeInfo.hSemantic information about a scope
 CScopeRequest.hAdditional scope information
 CSemDatabase.hSemantic information database
 CSemDeclarator.hSemantic declarator analysis
 CSemDeclSpecs.hSemantic declaration specifier analysis
 CSemObject.hSemantic information about entity definitions
 CSemScope.hScope information for the syntax tree
 CSemValue.hSemantic value information for the syntax tree
 CSourceInfo.hSource file information
 CSpecifiers.hC/C++ declaration specifiers
 CStorage.hC/C++ object storage classes
 CStrLiteral.hString literal abstraction
 CStructure.hSemantic information about entities that can contain other entity declarations
 CSyntax.hParser for the C programming language (C99)
 CTemplateInfo.hSemantic information about a template declaration
 CTemplateInstance.hSemantic information about a template instance
 CTemplateParamInfo.hSemantic information about a template parameter
 CTokens.hC/C++ token types
 CTranslationUnit.hAbstraction of a translation unit
 CTree.hC/C++ syntax tree classes
 CTypeAddress.incType of a reference
 CTypeArray.incType of an array
 CTypeBitField.incType of a bit-field
 CTypeClass.incType of a class
 CTypedefInfo.hSemantic information about a typedef
 CTypeEnum.incType of an enumeration
 CTypeFunction.incType of a function
 CTypeInfo.hEntity type information
 CTypeList.incType list
 CTypeMemberPointer.incType of a member pointer
 CTypePointer.incType of a pointer
 CTypePrimitive.incPrimitive types
 CTypeQualified.incType qualification
 CTypeRecord.incType of a class or union
 CTypeTemplateParam.incType of a template parameter
 CTypeUnion.incType of a union
 CTypeVarArray.incType of a variable length array
 CUnionInfo.hSemantic information about a union
 CUnionInstance.hSemantic information about an instance of a union template
 CUnit.hC/C++ token chain
 CUsingInfo.hSemantic information about a using-directive
 CVisitor.hCTree based tree visitor
 CWildcardTokens.hWildcard token types
 CWStrLiteral.hWide string literal abstraction
 DelayedParseTree.hDelayed parse syntax tree classes
 DString.hGlobal hash table based string container
 ErrorCollector.hError stream implementation
 ErrorSeverity.hSeverity of errors
 ErrorSink.hError sink interface
 ErrorStream.hError stream implementation
 FdSource.hFile descriptor input source implementation
 Filename.hFilename abstraction
 FilenameInfo.hFilename information
 FileSource.hFile source wrapper
 FileUnit.hUnit for files
 GnuCTree.hGNU C/C++ specific syntax tree classes
 Heap.hHeap implementation
 InstantiationTokenProvider.hInstantiation token provider
 KeyboardSource.hKeyboard input source implementation
 LanguageID.hLanguage identifier implementation
 Limits.hType size limits
 List.hDouble-linked list implementation
 ListElement.hDouble-linked list element
 Location.hToken location implementation
 MacroUnit.hMacro expansion unit implementation
 ManipCommander.hToken chain manipulation
 MemPool.hMemory pool implementation
 OptsParser.hCommand line options parser
 Parser.hGeneric parser abstraction
 ParserKey.hOptions parser key helper
 PathInfo.hPath information implementation
 PathIterator.hIterator implementation for paths
 PathManager.hSource and destination path and file management
 Pipe.hInput/output pipe implementation
 PipedCmd.hExternal command execution implementation
 PreTree.hBase preprocessor syntax tree class
 PreTreeComposite.hBase preprocessor syntax tree composite class
 PreTreeNodes.hPreprocessor syntax tree classes
 PreTreeToken.hPreprocessor syntax tree leaf class (representing a token)
 Printable.hObject printing
 Project.hProject file handling
 ProjectFile.hProject file information
 PtrStack.hLayered pointer stack implementation
 RegComp.hWrapper for regular expression matching
 SaveMode.hFile save modes
 Semantic.hBasic semantic analysis component
 SimpleParser.hSimple string tokenizer
 Sink.hOutput sink interface
 SmartPtr.hSmart pointer implementation
 Source.hInput source interface
 Stack.hStack implementation
 StrCol.hCollection of string helper functions
 StrHashKey.hString hash table key implementation
 StrHashTable.hString hash table implementation
 StringSource.hString input source implementation
 Syntax.hBasic syntactic analysis component
 SysCall.hEncapsulation of system dependent file system operations
 TerminalSink.hStandard output to terminal sink
 Token.hToken abstraction
 Tokenizer.hString tokenizer interface
 TokenProvider.hToken provider abstraction
 TokenSource.hToken source interface
 TokenStream.hInput token stream
 Tracing.hTracing support for the parser
 Unit.hToken chain abstraction
 UnitIterator.hToken unit iterator
 UnitManager.hToken unit management
 UnitState.hUnit modification state
 UnitTokenSrc.hToken source for source files
 VerboseMgr.hManager for verbose manager
 version.hLibrary version information
 VoidPtrArray.hArray of void pointers
 WChar.hWide character string support
 WinCTree.hVisualC++ specific syntax tree classes