PUMA Library Reference Manual
Puma::Array< Item > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Puma::Array< Item >, including all inherited members.

append(const Item &item)Puma::Array< Item >inline
Array(long is=default_init_size, long incr=default_increment)Puma::Array< Item >inline
Array(const Array< Item > &array)Puma::Array< Item >inline
default_incrementPuma::Array< Item >protectedstatic
default_init_sizePuma::Array< Item >protectedstatic
fetch(long index) constPuma::Array< Item >inline
get(long index)Puma::Array< Item >inline
insert(long index, const Item &item)Puma::Array< Item >inline
length() constPuma::Array< Item >inline
lookup(long index) constPuma::Array< Item >inline
operator=(const Array< Item > &copy)Puma::Array< Item >inline
operator[](long index)Puma::Array< Item >inline
prepend(const Item &item)Puma::Array< Item >inline
remove(long index)Puma::Array< Item >inline
reset()Puma::Array< Item >inline
reset()Puma::Array< Item >inline
~Array()Puma::Array< Item >inline