PUMA Library Reference Manual
Puma::InstantiationParser Class Reference

#include <InstantiationParser.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Puma::InstantiationParser:

Public Member Functions

 InstantiationParser ()
void init (CObjectInfo *obj, CTemplateInfo *tpl, CStructure *instance_scope, CCInstantiation *inst=0)
CTreeparse (CTemplateInfo *tpl, CTree *tree, bool(InstantiationSyntax::*rule)(), bool &delayed_parse_node, bool add_tree=true)
void resolve (CTemplateInfo *tpl, CStructure *scope, CTree *tree)
bool failed ()
InstantiationSyntaxsyntax () const
InstantiationBuilderbuilder () const
InstantiationSemanticsemantic () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Puma::Parser
 Parser (Syntax &x, Builder &b, Semantic &s)
 Constructor. More...
CTranslationUnitparse (Unit &file, CProject &p, int pre_mode=0, std::ostream &os=std::cout)
 Parse the given input file. More...
void configure (Config &c)
 Configure the parser components. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InstantiationParser()

Puma::InstantiationParser::InstantiationParser ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ builder()

InstantiationBuilder& Puma::InstantiationParser::builder ( ) const

◆ failed()

bool Puma::InstantiationParser::failed ( )

◆ init()

void Puma::InstantiationParser::init ( CObjectInfo obj,
CTemplateInfo tpl,
CStructure instance_scope,
CCInstantiation inst = 0 

◆ parse()

CTree* Puma::InstantiationParser::parse ( CTemplateInfo tpl,
CTree tree,
bool(InstantiationSyntax::*)()  rule,
bool &  delayed_parse_node,
bool  add_tree = true 

◆ resolve()

void Puma::InstantiationParser::resolve ( CTemplateInfo tpl,
CStructure scope,
CTree tree 

◆ semantic()

InstantiationSemantic& Puma::InstantiationParser::semantic ( ) const

◆ syntax()

InstantiationSyntax& Puma::InstantiationParser::syntax ( ) const