PUMA Library Reference Manual
Puma::PathIterator Class Reference

#include <Puma/PathIterator.h>


A path iterator is used to iterate the contents of the paths a project is managing. Only files matching a given pattern are found. To be used with PathManager::iterate().

Public Member Functions

 PathIterator (const char *pattern)
 Construct a new iterator. More...
 ~PathIterator ()
 Destroy the iterator. More...
void pattern (const char *pattern)
 Set the regular expression for the files to match. More...
const char * file () const
 Get the current file matched. More...


class PathManager

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PathIterator()

Puma::PathIterator::PathIterator ( const char *  pattern)

Construct a new iterator.

patternRegular expression for the files to match.

◆ ~PathIterator()

Puma::PathIterator::~PathIterator ( )

Destroy the iterator.

Member Function Documentation

◆ file()

const char* Puma::PathIterator::file ( ) const

Get the current file matched.

The path to the file.

◆ pattern()

void Puma::PathIterator::pattern ( const char *  pattern)

Set the regular expression for the files to match.

patternThe regular expression.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ PathManager

friend class PathManager